Responsible pain management that reaches new heights

Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a global pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes products for responsible pain management.

"This is a whole new way of thinking about how I manage my pain, and it works for me."

Improving patients’ lives with innovative, responsible pain therapies

Iroko is helping patients manage their pain responsibly so they can lead productive, healthy lives.

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A dynamic, collaborative approach


Iroko has partnered with iCeutica Inc. to use SoluMatrix Fine Particle Technology™ to create low-dose NSAID pain treatment options.

As a proud sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation, Iroko makes it possible for the Foundation to serve more than 50 million Americans with arthritis through research, advocacy, and community-based programs.

Delivering value worldwide

Iroko is committed to bringing its responsible pain management medications to patients globally through commercial partnerships with leading regional pharmaceutical companies.

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Global Headquarters

Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC
One Kew Place
150 Rouse Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19112